Invited Speakers

The following is a list of the invited speakers:

  Name Title
Benson_VIGA2020.jpg David Benson, ANSYS Recent Developments in IGA for LS-DYNA
Buffa_VIGA2020.png Annalisa Buffa, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Multi-patch, Trimming and Analysis-aware Defeaturing

Co-authors: Ondine Chanon, Luca Coradello, Gabriele Loli & Rafael Vazquez

Hector_VIGA2020.jpg Hector Gomez Diaz, Purdue University Isogeometric Analysis of Interfacial Mechanics Problems
TE_VIGA2020.png Thomas Elguedj, INSA Lyon Analysis and Optimization Suitable Geometric Models for the Design of Aero Structures
Hughes_072020.png Thomas J. R. Hughes, Oden Institute, University of Texas at Austin Isogeometric Analysis: Recent Progress and New Directions
DT_VIGA2020.png David Kamensky, University of California, San Diego Leveraging Code Generation for I(mmer)sogeometric Analysis
Sangalli_IGA.png Giancarlo Sangalli, University of Pavia Weighted Quadrature for IGA: Theory and Practice

Kenji Takizawa, Waseda University

Quality-Improving Mesh Relaxation, Low-Distortion Mesh Moving, and
Element-Splitting-Invariant Local Length Scale