Contributed Talks

Thirty contributed talks have been submitted to the VIGA 2020 online repository.  These talks will be made available a few days before the conference begins to those who are registered for the conference.  From 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM EDT on the second day of the conference, Q&A breakout sessions will be held dedicated to the contributed talks in the repository. The speakers and titles for the contributed talks are as follows:

Arf, Jeremias: A space-time isogeometric method for Biot's two-field model
Keywords: Biot's model, space-time discretization, variational formulation, poroelasticity

Beiroth, Kim Marcel: A Patch approach for acoustic isogeometric analysis with the boundary element method
Keywords: Patch, IGABEM, refinement, Bezier-Elements

Bucelli, Michele: Multipatch isogeometric analysis for electrophysiology: simulation in a human heart  Keywords: multipatch, NURBS, cardiac electrophysiology, mesh generation

Cen, Haoyang: Simulation of stably stratified turbulent channel flow using residual-based variational multiscale method and isogeometric analysis
Keywords: isogeometric analysis, residual-based variational multiscale method, stratified turbulent channel flow

Chanon, Ondine: Analysis-aware defeaturing: first results
Keywords: defeaturing, geometric simplification, trimming

Chapelier, Morgane: Regularizing FE-mesh-based digital image correlation with splines
Keywords: non-invasive, free-form deformation, multilevel B-splines, mesh-based shape measurement, regularization

Chasapi, Margarita: Nonlinear isogeometric analysis of 3D solids in boundary representation
Keywords: solid, nonlinear, NURBS, boundary representation

Coradello, Luca: A projected super-penalty method for the C^1-coupling of multi-patch isogeometric Kirchhoff plates
Keywords: multi-patch coupling, Kirchhoff plates

De Prenter, Frits: Iterative solvers for immersed isogeometric analysis
Keywords: condition number, preconditioner, iterative solver, multigrid

Divi, Sai Chandana: Error-estimate-based adaptive integration for immersed isogeometric analysis
Keywords: immersogeometric analysis, finite cell method (FCM), numerical integration

Goldbach, Ann-Kathrin: Advantages of a CAD-integrated approach in lightweight design
Keywords: CAD-integration, isogeometric B-rep analysis, lightweight design, NURBS

Gunderman, David: Spectral, mesh-free quadrature for differences, intersections, and unions of spline objects
Keywords: spectral, mesh-free, quadrature, trimmed, NURBS

Johnson, Emily: Isogeometric analysis of ice accretion on wind turbine blades
Keywords: wind turbine blades, ice accretion, laminated plates, thin composite shells

Leidinger, Lukas: Explicit IBRA: Explicit dynamic crash simulations on trimmed multi-patch B-Rep models – Recent advances
Keywords: Isogeometric B-Rep Analysis (IBRA), explicit dynamics, trimmed NURBS shells, penalty coupling, LS-DYNA

Liu, Ju: A theoretical and computational framework for isogeometric analysis of visco-hyper-elasticity
Keywords: nonlinear continuum mechanics, Gibbs free energy, viscoelasticity, isogeometric analysis, nonlinear stability

Mika, Michał: Matrix-free isogeometric Galerkin method for Karhunen-Loève approximation of random fields using tensor product splines, tensor contraction and interpolation based quadrature
Keywords: matrix-free solver, Kronecker products, random fields, Fredholm integral eigenvalue problem

Pasch, Theresa: A priori penalty factor determination for (trimmed) NURBS-based shells with Dirichlet and coupling constraints
Keywords: trimmed non-matching patches, weak coupling and Dirichlet conditions, penalty factor, Reissner-Mindlin shell

Paul, Karsten: Isogeometric continuity constraints for coupled deformation and phase field models on deforming multi-patch surfaces
Keywords: multi-patch discretization; kirchhoff-love shells; phase field methods; Cahn-Hillard equation; brittle fracture

Rajanna, Manoj R.: Compressible flow fluid-structure interaction modeling with application to aircraft tail buffeting
Keywords: compressible flow, fluid-structure interaction, non-matching interface, isogeometric analysis, aircraft buffeting

Rosandi, Rozan: Using the Riemannian gradient to incorporate weights in isogeometric shape optimization
Keywords: isogeometric shape optimization, perturbation of identity method, optimal NURBS weights, optimization on Riemannian manifolds

Rouwane, Ali: Construction of a fairly-priced, unfitted, image-based model: application to assist digital image correlation
Keywords: elastic image registration, image-based models, immersed boundary methods, B-splines, simulation of cellular materials

Sajavičius, Svajūnas: Imposing nonlocal boundary conditions in Galerkin methods based on non-interpolatory functions: Experiments within the isogeometric framework
Keywords: nonlocal boundary conditions, Galerkin method, non-interpolatory basis functions, isogeometric analysis

Sande, Espen: Approximation with k-refinement in isogeometric analysis
Keywords: k-refinement, error estimates, spline approximation

Schneckenleitner Rainer: Convergence theory for IETI-DP solvers for discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis that is explicit in h and p
Keywords: domain decomposition, p-robust analysis

Shaaban, Ahmed Mostafa: Shape optimization for acoustic problems using boundary element method and isogeometric analysis
Keywords: acoustics, shape optimization, BEM, IGA

Takacs, Stefan: Condition number bounds for IETI-DP methods that are explicit in h & p
Keywords: IETI-DP

Takacs, Thomas: C1 splines over meshes composed of quadrilaterals and triangles
Keywords: C1 smooth, Argyris triangle, C1 multi-patch discretization, analysis-suitable G1

Tielen, Roel: A high-order Material Point Method for structured and unstructured (triangular)grids
Keywords: Material Point Method, B-splines, Powell-Sabin splines, Taylor-Least Squares

Verhelst, Hugo: Stretch-based hyperelastic material formulations for isogeometric kirchhoff-love shells
Keywords: stretch-based strain energy density function, arc-length methods, kirchhoff-love shell, structural instabilities

Xu, Songzhe: An immersogeometric analysis for tracking particle migration in channels
Keywords: immersogeometric method, particle inertial migration, fluid-structure interaction, moving objects