Conference Access and Procedures

You must be registered first in order to access the conference.  If you have not registered, go to Registration Information.

Accessing the Conference:

  • If you have the confirmation email (titled: Registration Confirmation for VIGA 2020) from your registration, click on “Access Online Event" and it will take you to the virtual conference page.
  • If you no longer have the confirmation email, contact us at and we will re-send it to you.

The conference link will be available beginning at 9:00 am EDT on Tuesday, August 11.  The conference will begin promptly at 9:45 am EDT.

Conference Procedures:

  • You will be muted upon entry into the conference.  We ask, for the sake of sound quality, that you remain muted unless requested to unmute by the host.
  • We also ask that your display your full name so that we can identify you more easily.
  • During the Q&A time after each invited speaker, questions may be entered into the chat area.  These will be read by the host after the talk depending on the amount of time available.