VIGA 2020 Repository Submission

NOTE:  It is not necessary to have your video already prepared before submitting this form.

In addition to guest speakers, VIGA 2020 will make available submitted videos from participants presenting their research results. These will be made available at the time of the conference in a repository. Videos in the repository may be viewed at any time after the conference as well. The deadline for submitting your video is Tuesday, August 4.

To submit a 20 minute video for the VIGA 2020 Repository, complete the form below. Once completed, you will be sent a link to upload your video. The video will be available during VIGA 2020 and afterwards for one year for those who register for the virtual conference. The video should not be more than 100 MB in size.  Be sure to also register for the virtual conference here.  Early registration ends July 31.

For recommendations on recording your video, click here.  If you have any questions, email Bethany at

I understand and agree that the online VIGA conference will be recorded and will be posted on the USACM website for general viewing for up to a year after the conference I also understand agree that videos submitted to the VIGA 2020 Repository will also be posted on the USACM website for general viewing up to a year after the conference.